This summer break I attended the ICFF ( International Contemporary Furniture Fair) aka Designer Heaven. It was great to see some of the new and upcoming things the design world has to offer. It gave me some great ideas to implement in future projects. Here are some of the trends I noticed for 2011.

Cloud Lights
These guys were everywhere. Some were more literal translations of a cloud, some less so.

Cloud Soft Light by Molo Design

Mamacloud by Frank O. Gehry

With all those clouds light, you'll probably need at least one of these Steven Haulenbeek cumulus light canopies

Reclaimed, Salvaged Materials
This isn't so much a new trend as a continuing and expanding one. With green design becoming more of an ethos than an option in interior design, reclaimed and salvaged materials were a plenty at this year's ICFF.

I took  a big liking to Palo Samko
Stagg by Hooker&Co

Cluster Pendants
It also seemed every time you looked up, you were surprised with one of these guys; pendant lighting with clusters of light sources. The new modern chandelier??

Knotty Bubbles by Lindsey Adelman

Grain Design's Iacoli & McAllister Large Frame Light Cluster
Roll & Hill's Modo Chandelier


  1. The cloud lights seem right up your alley. Your work often features large, soft shapes hanging overhead.