Luxury Furnishings

Since my internship began, I've been introduced to something I've never had to face before in school: a budget! It's pretty crazy to think that when I'm browsing online for furniture and fabrics, they're actually going to be bought and placed in a real person's home. Now instead of things just looking right and following a school project concept, I have other things to consider such as price, comfort and dimensions that fit appropriately to each client.

I've discovered a whole new set of vendors that are much more luxurious and traditional than I am used to in my more modern school projects. One of these vendors is the notorious George Smith. I am officially obsessed with his seating. The next sofa I purchase WILL BE a George Smith sofa.

George Smith sofas come in a variety of designs often mimicking Neoclassical pieces. 

Such a traditional piece, upholstered in the right fabric can make these sofas fit any type of decor. They look great in any modern, transitional and/or traditional space. 

What makes a George Smith piece more expensive and more luxurious than the rest? It's all about the stuffing. Most standard sofa cushions are stuffed with a foam core and then wrapped with some duck down to give it softness. These sofas are pure duck down and feather. It is HEAVEN to sit on. The downside? It's a pain in the butt to have to fluff constantly unless you are going for a rustic, eclectic look in your room.

Every George Smith sofa is hand built and can be 100% customized - even down to the castors. As much as I adore the kilim upholstery, I suggest you only upholster an ottoman in this fabric because it is very itchy on the skin.

Ok, so it may be a longgg ways away before I can afford my very own George Smith sofa, but some day...some day!


  1. I used to work a few blocks away from one of his stores and I agree his sofas are top of the line. I want one too, but with two cats and their claws, no way. It would be one very expensive cat post.

  2. Where can I get this fabric to recover my ottoman.??